South End :: Boston

A good 'Ol fashion courthouse wedding...

I met Joy at a fabulous South End restaurant when I first moved back to Boston, Tremont 647. I couldn't have been happier to shoot her wedding and see her get married years later! Joy & Seth are amazingly unique, funny & kind (especially to their beloved dog, Sophie). They had a whoppin' good time with their friends & family on the coveted date 07.07.07 at the Cyclorama in the South End to celebrate!

::Click Here:: for the slideshow!!!


st. lucia bride said...

Maureen, you have done it again! You have captured Joy & Seth with such a personal and distinct style, and they look like rock stars! I love it! Keep up the good work!

Kitty said...

These photos are fantastic! If I ever head down the nuptial road, you can be expecting a phone call from moi! And by the way, we guests had a LOT of fun at that wedding, too.