Hooray for the Holidays!

It may not be time to unpack the decorations, but it is time to start thinking about your holiday cards! Here are some of my favorites from last year. These cards are all about your own personal style and your own message... quality paper stock and fully customizable ... definitely refrigerator-worthy!!!

If you're thinking about scheduling a portrait session in time for the holidays, now is the time to call. The deadline for card orders is November 25th! It's not too early to be getting in the spirit!

Fine Art Announcement

Cousins in the Common...

I had so much fun with this shoot! The Boston Common is always one of my favorites spots for portraits because of all the amazing backdrops...I had the opportunity to photograph these cousins for an upcoming christmas gift for their grandparents. The best part of the day was watching how these guys cracked each other up...the girls especially had the best giggle ever!

Here are some of my favorites...

Baby's First Year!

I've had so much fun documenting much of little miss Sarah's first year! We just finished up her 4th session at 6 months old. It's amazing to see how big she is already...and amazing to see how happy everyone is that she arrived! This family has got it together.

She's almost here...

Sarah, 3 weeks

with big brother, Thomas

Sarah, 3 months

Daddy's girl

Sarah, 6 months




Big Brothers...

"Maureen, Hiii!!!" are the excited voices I hear when I walked in the house. Quickly followed by, "Which one do you like better?" Matthew was holding a pretty pink dress in one hand and a little white dress in the other. "My Mom said we should wait to see which one you like better, but I like the pink one." And so began my conversation with Matthew and Jonathan. They were so much fun, full of contagious energy and way too cute with the new little lady in their life!




My Favorite Summer Day...

This July I had the chance to photograph an amazing family with one of the strongest bonds I have ever seen. Jenny, the mom wanted to surprise her husband who is in the 101st airborne over seas with some pictures of the kids. But these aren't ordinary kids. You see, David the oldest is austistic and his sister, Katie is wise beyond her years. Their connection as brother and sister is unmistakable. Katie's connection to David as caretaker and friend is remarkable. Their family bond is the most tangible I have ever seen. I left the beach that day with a smile and a sense that that's what it's all about. Connection. Friendship. Kindness.




I'm a Blogger now!

Well......Welcome to my blog!!!
I am super excited for what the future of this blog holds...photographs of great little faces and personalities! I look forward to sharing and giving a peek inside to what I'm doing behind these scenes...