So Real...

Hull :: Nantasket Beach

I'm not sure if I've met a 7 year old who adores her parents as much as this one...the feeling was equally mutual for their daughter. I love when I get to see a family with an amazing bond... their connection is so tangible and so real. I loved this shoot!

Here are some of my favorites...

Oh Baby!

Hot Mom :: Charlestown

This first time mom-to-be is insanely funny. I happen to know that because she's had me in stitches many, many times over the years. This is a trait that will make her just about the most fun mom and best playmate ever! Congrats!

Simply Elegant

South Boston :: 8.14.07

Castle Island Engagement ... check.
Tuesday Night Wedding ... check.
Vera Wang Gown ... check.
Winston's Bouquet ... check.

What can you really say when one of your nearest & dearest gets hitched? She recently gave me this quote that really sums up our friendship... " A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."

It's an amazing thing when you're able to witness a friend you don't know what you'd do without, marry the guy she was meant to be with.... Congratulations Katie & Keith!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your day! xoxo

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The Girl's Got Personality...

Amazing Niece :: Milton

She's pretty, she's funny,
she's sassy, she's smart....

She's 5 and a half!

She is so ready to head to kindergarten this fall... I'm so proud of her and had so much fun today in spite of the rain with my favorite comedienne!

Stories & Dimples...

South Shore :: Hingham

This sister is really good at telling stories and really good at laughing too! I'm sure her baby brother will be flashing those dimples plenty with her around...

Here are some of my favorites...

Big Brown Eyes...

Hingham Harbor :: South Shore

Another great day with one of my favorite mother/daughter teams! She has grown quite a bit in the past year.... You can ::click here:: to see for yourself!

This miss is now 2 yrs. old & I may be embarrassed to admit I'm envious of her hair... :-)